Merit Advisory Services LLP is at Puntland Investment Forum

MAS partners have participated in the Puntland Investment Forum and also attended the state dinner hosted by Puntland President. The purpose was to:

  1. Learn the aims of the forum, study its significance and potential to attract tangible investment to Puntland, and explore its relevance to the goals of MAS
  2. To meet and network with important and prospective partners.

MAS discovered that the forum was a well-organized and had drawn business people, intellectuals, academics, politician and ordinary individuals from most regions of Somalia and beyond, and appealed to the intended audience who pledged $400M worth of investment in the coming 3 years. This will spark a new wave of business activities in Puntland and will considerably contribute to the economy.

At the Forum, MAS had the opportunity to meet with prominent potential partners such as the director of Finance and Investment of GEEL (Growth, Enterprise, Employment & Livelihoods Project), Mr. Philip Corper whom we had a productive discussion on how we could collaborate on the growth of the Somali business sector. He also promised to support us in networking with other partners in this realm. In addition, MAS officials run into fellow professional accountants and politicians and shared delightful moments with them.

During the state dinner, MAS partners had the chance to see the Managing Director of HESPI (The Horn Economic and Social Institute), Dr. Ali Isse Abdi and requested his contribution to the establishment of SICPA (Somali Institute of Certified Public Accountants) for which he vowed his maximum support. MAS partners also rubbed shoulders with high profile dignitaries such as the president of Puntland, HE. Said Abdullahi Deni.

Puntland Investment Initiative presents a valuable opportunity for MAS to play a critical role in the creation of well-managed, successful and sustainable businesses by providing them with advice, coaching and mentorship. MAS will also avail itself to advise the government to establish a favorable environment for investment and economic development by creating the required legal framework and improving infrastructure and security.

Finally, MAS is committed to fully participate in future platforms in which the development of the country is debated and contribute to constructive, farsighted and locally led policy decisions.

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