Audit and Assurance

We offer competent, professional and tailor-made audit and assurance services to our clients that mirror their specific needs while taking cognizance of the independence and objectivity of our team to preserve the integrity & credibility of our findings and reports. Our team receive up-to-date training on International Standards of Auditing (ISAs) and use latest paperless Software packages.

Our Audit Services

Audit of Financial Statements

We provide first-rate Audit of the Financial statements of business and public entities to enhance the credibility of the financial reports and give confidence to users of the reports -Shareholders, investors and other stakeholders.

Review of Financial Statements

For clients who are not required to comply with statutory audits, we provide the choice of reviews of financial statements in order give comfort and assurance to the shareholders, investors and lenders.

Other Assurance Engagements

Other Assurance engagements and reviews.

Due Diligence and Agreed-upon-procedures engagement

Due Diligence and Agreed-upon-procedures engagement.

Why choose us

Cost-competitive Offering

Our flexible service offering means that you can perform both small and large jobs depending on your needs.

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Operational and Organizational change

Transfer knowledge and expertise to your workforce.

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Personal, flexible and innovative service

We are prepared to deliver a solution that will help you grow and stay a head of the competition.

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