Outsourcing Services

Outsourcing Services

We provide our clients the option to free up their busy time, reduce their operating costs and concentrate on their core business activities, and count on us to deliver cost-effective and competent bookkeeping, financial reporting and management accounting functions. We offer know-how and state-of-the-art software packages to our clients.

Services we provide

Bookkeeping Services

We offer dedicated high standard bookkeeping services to our clients that ensure accurate & reliable recording of transactions and events. We assist our clients to set up top-notch accounting system or advance their existing systems We develop tailor-made chart of accounts that truly reflect the nature of a client’s financial transactions.

Preparation of Financial Statements

We prepare understandable, relevant and reliable financial statements for our clients that engender financial transparency and reporting integrity, measure business performance, facilitate accurate calculation of tax liabilities, prevent errors, and improve decision making, planning and forecasting.

Preparation of Management Accounts

We provide valuable insights into planning and organizing the resources of the client’s organization for a better decision-making and achieving the desired results and goals.

Budget Preparation and Implementation guidance

We assist our clients with the formulation of realistic budgets are in line with their strategic plans. We also provide support in the proper implementation and embedding of budget discipline. We coach clients on the importance of budgets to measure performance and contribute to business growth and development.

Taxation Services & Fiscal Advisory
  • Fiscal Advice – To take part and technically contribute to the improving of aggregate fiscal discipline, strategic prioritization (allocative efficiency), and operational performance (technical efficiency) to ensure sound and sustainable development outcomes.
  • Tax Payer’s Compliance – Advise Tax Payers understand taxes and comply with the existing tax regulations.

Why choose us

Cost-competitive Offering

Our flexible service offering means that you can perform both small and large jobs depending on your needs.

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Operational and Organizational change

Transfer knowledge and expertise to your workforce.

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Personal, flexible and innovative service

We are prepared to deliver a solution that will help you grow and stay a head of the competition.

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